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US M1860 Naval Cutlass with Scabbard

The M1860 naval cutlass, made by Ames Mfg. Co., was the standard sidearm of the Federal Navy during the Civil War and was kept aboard ship well into the 20th C. Brass guard with knucklebow joined to the phrygian-style pommel; large sheet brass clamshell guard riveted to the knucklebow (reshaped for personal preference, as often found). Guard stamped with rack number "12M/37". Leather wrapped wood grip with horizontal grooves (losses to leather); without wire, as typically found. Slightly curved tapering 26" blade with long single unstopped fuller, stamped "AMES MFG CO/CHICOPEE/MASS" one side and the date "1862" on the other side. Lower half of blade with numerous nicks from blade strikes. Double leather blade washer. Black leather scabbard (scuffed) with sewn seam on reverse (not riveted); brass drag and throat with frog stud and single ring. Later black leather belt frog. Pleasing patina to brass guard and scabbard mounts. Overall length, not including scabbard, 32".

SS1261 $795

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