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Unique Officer’s Broadsword, British or French, 18th C

Gilt brass boat hilt featuring symmetrical shell guard with two down-turned quillons ending in disc finials. A pair of diamond-section bars extend upward from the guard, joining with the knuckle bow, which connects to the faceted urn-shaped pommel with button; decorated ensuite with floral and geometric design. Original twisted copper wire grip wrap with decorated ferrules top and bottom. Hilt shows honest wear and retains approximately 30% of its original gilding. Earlier 29 ˝" broadsword blade with two central full-length fullers, stamped "ANDREA/FARARRA" with symbols on both sides in the fullers. Blade generally smooth with minor light pitting and numerous edge nicks from blade strikes. Hilt undoubtedly for an officer and from the last quarter of the 18th Century; the blade likely from an earlier Scottish basket-hilted broadsword. No telling how this unlikely pair came together, but this blade appears to be the original for this hilt. The French style of the hilt could indicate it was assembled by a Scot in exile in France. It shows wear and use and likely saw considerable action. Overall length 36 ˝".

SB1329c $995

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