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US M1913 "Patton" Cavalry Sabre
Prussian M1891 Garde NCO Pickelhaube   SOLD
British WWI era Leather Flying Helmet   SOLD
WWI Era Laminated Wood Propeller
British WWI Flying Helmet   SOLD
Bavarian Officerís Cartridge Box, ca. 1900   SOLD
US WWI Mark I Aerial Bomb Instructional Cutaway (Inert)   SOLD
US WWI Mark III Aerial Bomb in Original Configuration (Inert)   SOLD
British WWI Propeller Tip Pilot Photo   SOLD
British WWI Pilotís Flying Helmet   SOLD
WWI British Cooper Aerial Bomb (Inert)   SOLD
Rare WWI French Propeller for the Salmson 2-A2 Biplane   SOLD
WWI Austrian Army Field Pilot Badge (Feldpilot)   SOLD