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WWII US Navy Trench Art "Hula" Lamp


Made from an inert 1.1" Mk I 75 Cal cartridge and mounted to the base of a 5" naval artillery casing. The casing is decorated with a dancing hula girl with stippled background. There is a palm tree on the reverse. Mounted on each side of the 1.1" shell is a .3006 rifle cartridge. The base of the 1.1" shell is marked "C.B.&C. CO./1.10" MK I/75 CAL" with date "3-43" and "US" flanking an anchor. The 1.1" 75 cal gun was a water-cooled anti-aircraft gun developed in the late 1920's and usually featured in quad mounts on everything from destroyers to battleships. It was very heavy and not particularly reliable. It was replaced early in WWII by the lighter and more reliable Oerlikon 20 mm and Bofors 40 mm guns. On top of the 1.1" cartridge is a brass light socket with push-through switch; 52" fabric-covered cord. Lamp works properly and the brass remains bright. Overall height 15" to the top of the light socket. Weighs nearly 6 pounds. Lamp shade not included, but available at Walmart for under $10. Price includes US domestic shipping.

M1425 $129   SOLD

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