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Left Hand Sail Dagger, North Italian or Spanish, 2nd Half 17th C   SOLD

West Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger with 18th C Blade

Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger

East Javanese Keris (Kris) Solo Dagger with 17th C Blade
East Javanese Keris (Kris) Sumenep Dagger
A Javanese Keris (Kris) Yogya Dagger with Early 17th C Blade
Javanese Keris (Kris) Dagger with 15th C Blade
Javanese Keris (Kris) Dagger with Early 17th C Blade
WWII Flag from the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY
Decorated 17th C Warhammer, Polish/Hungarian
US M1850 Foot Officer’s Presentation Sword, 144th NY Infantry
Original US World War Two M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun and Carriage
Fine German Wheellock Hunting Rifle, Last Quarter 17th C
Byzantine Greek Fire Grenade, 9th/10th C
Fine Chiseled Swept-hilt Rapier, German or Italian, ca. 1600
Greek Fire Grenade, Byzantine, 9th/10th C
German Officer’s Broadsword with Scabbard, ca. 1680
Polish/Hungarian Estoc, Last Quarter 17th C   ON HOLD
Byzantine Greek Fire Grenade, 9th/10th C
Chiseled Transitional Rapier/Smallsword, Last Quarter 17th C   ON HOLD
Left Hand Sail Dagger, North Italian or Spanish, Mid-17th C
Long-handled Mandan Spike Tomahawk, early 19th C

Iroquois Spiked Tomahawk from Niagara Falls Museum, 18th C

Iroquois Grave Axe, 18th C
Spiked Tomahawk, Iroquois Federation, 18th C
Spiked Tomahawk, Mid-18th C, Probably Mohawk
German Pre-WWI S98 Bayonet
Early Seneca Grave Axe from "Tomahawks Illustrated"
Seneca (Iroquois) Spiked Tomahawk, 18th C
French Mle. 1866 Yataghan Bayonet, German Captured
Italian Shell Guard Infantry Sword, ca. 1620
Italian Crab-claw Infantry Sword, ca. 1620
Scottish Basket-hilted Broadsword, 18th/19th C  
Executioner’s Axe, English, 16th/17th C
German Flintlock Pistol, Early 18th C 
Exceptional Gold Damascened Indian Katar, Late 19th C
Saxon Miner’s Guild Axe, probably 18th C
Venetian Sail Guard Broadsword, Early 17th C
Fine North Italian Flintlock Pistol, Last Quarter 18th C
Wheellock Pistol Holster, German, ca. 1630
German Executioner’s Sword, Early 18th C
German Two-handed Sword, Last Quarter 16th C  
Portrait of King James II in Armor, Second Half 17th C
Large Collection of WWI and WWII Trench Art, Sold Individually
WWII Submarine Battle Flag, USS Jack, SS-259
Austrian Halberd, ca. 1580
South German or Austrian Halberd, 3rd Quarter 16th C
North Italian Parade Halberd, ca. 1580
Horseman’s Sabre, German or Swiss, 2nd Half 17th C
US M1850 Foot Officer's Sword of General Mortally Wounded in Action

oming Soon:

Fine US Eagle Head Officer's Sword, ca. 1810

Rare 17th C  European "Blade Breaker" Dagger   SOLD

Exquisite European Gold and Silver Mounted Rapier   SOLD

French AN XIII Flintlock Cavalry Pistol, First Empire Period

Historic Identified US WWII Painted A-2 Bomber Jacket

Left Hand Sail Dagger   SOLD


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