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Important Parade Halberd, Italian and French, ca. 1600
South German or Austrian Halberd, 3rd Quarter 16th C
Large North Italian Dagger, 3rd Quarter 17th C
Unusual North Italian Halberd, ca. 1600
North Italian Parade Halberd, ca. 1580
Japanese Tachi, Mid-Late Edo Period
Japanese WWII Army Officer’s Kyu Gunto Parade Sword
Captured Blockade Runner Flag and Memorabilia of Civil War Naval Officer
Exceptional Early English Silver Hilted Smallsword, 1683
Confederate States Armory Kenansville Cavalry Sabre   ON HOLD
Rare 16th Century German Torture Pliers
French Silver Hilted Smallsword, Mid-18th C
Revolutionary War Era Iroquois Spiked Tomahawk
Plains Indian Buffalo Lance Head
Horseman’s Sabre, German or Swiss, 2nd Half 17th C
US M1850 Foot Officer's Sword of General Mortally Wounded in Action
Civil War Presentation Cane of Colonel Wounded in Action
English Executioner’s Axe, 16th/17th C
Italian Vendetta Dagger, Probably 19th C, but possibly earlier
English Basket Hilted Backsword of the Highland Regiments, 3rd Quarter 18th C
German Zischagge "Lobstertail" Helmet, ca. 1630
French M1822 Percussion Conversion Pistol
German WWII Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword
French M1822 Percussion Cavalry Pistol
German Landsknecht Dagger, ca. 1550
Named German Executioner Sword, Dated 1756
Misericorde Dagger, Stiletto, French or Italian ca. 1550
French Executioner Axe with Exceptional Provenance, 17th C
Rare Italian Artillery Linstock, Florence, Late 16th C
Italian Sword Cane, Late 19th C
Ebony Dolphin Head Sword Cane, Asian, Early 20th C
Brass Lion Head Sword Cane, India, 19th C
Caucasian (Russian) Kindjal, Late 19th/Early 20th C
European Dog Head Sword Cane, ca. 1900

French Sword Cane, 18th/19th C

European Deer Foot Sword Cane, Late 19th C
European Sword Cane, Late 19th C
English Flintlock Boxlock Pocket Pistol by Holmes, ca. 1810
Gilt Neo-Gothic Figural Dagger, ca. 1850, Probably French
Italian Short Sword, ca. 1600
European Dog Head Sword Cane, Late 19th C
Italian Sword Cane, Walking Stick, 2nd Half 19th C
Polish/Hungarian Zischagge, "Lobster Pot", Helm, 2nd Half 17th C
Spanish Style Morion, Cabasset, German ca. 1600
Rare Eastern European Cavalry Officer’s Sabre, 17th C
Dutch Flintlock Pistol, ca. 1660
Rare Chief’s Grade Presentation Fowler Attributed to Sauk Chief Blackhawk
Onondaga Indian Scalping Knife
Flintlock Indian Trade Pistol by A. W. Spies

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Presentation Sword of Union General Killed in Action

Torture and Execution Items from France's Last Surviving Executioner!

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