Antique Swords, Rapiers, Broadswords, Pole Arms, Guns, and Armour
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French Smallsword, Mid-18th C
Polish or Hungarian Sabre, 17th C
Fine Dutch Rapier, ca. 1630
French Smallsword, ca. 1810
Infantry Flail, Swiss or German, 17th C
Austrian Dusegge Sabre, ca. 1600
Scarce Hungarian Pallash with Original Scabbard, Last Quarter 17th C
Silver Inlaid Transitional Rapier with Exceptional Blade, ca. 1660
Inscribed Imperial German Officer’s Sword/Sabre
English Brass-Barreled Flintlock Blunderbuss, ca. 1825
Brescian Wheellock Rifle, Mid-17th C
German Hunting Sword, 18th C
English Mortuary Hilted Backsword, ca. 1640
Deluxe Gilt Dagger with Possible Papal Connection, 19th C
Gothic Basilard Dagger, ca. 1400

Silver Inlaid English Rapier, ca. 1630

English Mortuary Hilted Broadsword, Mid-17th C
Gothic Lugged Spear, Probably German, ca. 1500
Historic Polish WWII Grouping
Japanese WWII Gendaito Katana with Signed Blade
Early Spanish Carabineros Drum, ca. 1800
Fine Brescian Sail Dagger, ca. 1650
Fine Chiseled European Dagger, ca. 1650
European Partizan, Spontoon, Early 18th C
Unique Italian Cutlass, ca. 1700
Cased French Lady’s Miniature Pinfire Revolver, ca. 1880
Fine Cased Pair of French or Belgian Percussion Muff Pistols, ca. 1850
US Civil War Non-Regulation Officer’s Sword

Coming Soon:

Several Scarce 17th C Eastern European Swords with Original Scabbards!

Several Published 18th/19th C Smallswords

Exquisite Chiseled Silver Decorated 17th C Rapier, Perhaps by Gottfried Leygebe

English Civil War Period Cutlass   SOLD

Superb engraved and Gilt  Italian Artillery Linstock, Late 16th C

Dutch Rapier, ca. 1630

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