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Gift Items Under $200

WWI 1-pounder Trench Art Lamp

World War II US Navy Pacific Theater Trench Art Lamp

1905 US Navy 3-pounder Trench Art Lamp


WWII US NAVY Trench Art "Hula" Lamp

WWII Trench Art Lamp, Italian Campaign

WWII Naval Destroyer Trench Art Lamp

Pre-WWI Trench Art  3-pdr Hotchkiss Shells

WWII 20 mm Salt & Pepper Shakers

African Tetela Dagger, Late 19th C

WWII Trench Art Lamp

WWII German Trench Art Ash Tray

WWII Trench Art Ashtray, Named

German WWI Trench Art Vase

WWI Trench Art Vase

WWI German Trench Art, U-139, Super Rare!

WWII Navy Trench Art Lamp

  WWII Trench Art Lamp, Phillippines      


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