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Sword, Firearm, and Polearm Wall Brackets

Handcrafted hardwood (teak, mahogany, walnut, or oak) wall brackets to safely and attractively display your favorite weapons.  Just attach the included screws to the wall and hang using routed keyhole slot on the back of each bracket.  Safely holds weapons up to 10 pounds on sheetrock walls without attaching to stud.  Much greater capacity if screwed into solid backing.   Made in several different lengths to accommodate various width hilts, etc.  Please specify type of weapon and width from blade or barrel  to widest point of weapon on the side which will face the wall.  Fits almost any sword, except 2-handers with side rings wider than 4".  If you need a bracket for an extra large piece, please contact us for details.  Instructions included.  
Wall Brackets $16.95/set of 2, Including Postage (Continental US only.  Other countries please inquire about shipping)

Firearms Brackets MFB

Sword Brackets MSB
Polearm Brackets MPB