Renaissance Woodcraft



"Burning Water" Fireplace

The result of brainstorming with the homeowner during a lunch break, this fireplace was a joint effort between Rick Dahlberg (General Contractor) and Greg Walter (Renaissance Woodcraft). The firebox is lined with sheet copper. At the base is a pond with two tiers of rocks. A pump circulates the water, which gently falls over the rocks. Gas jets just beneath the water's surface allow externally stored propane to rise to the surface, where it is lit by a remote igniter. This gives the impression of the water being on fire. The copper firebox lining reflects the flames, making the light dance all around the room. The mantel and base surround are of Honduran Mahogany. The mantel has an inlaid veneer of African Satinwood. The wood is finished in a durable high gloss conversion varnish. The back wall is covered in green marble. The side pillars are clear acrylic with lights beneath, giving the look of a huge fiber-optic light. A copper vine is wrapped around the pillars, which glow when lit and accent the copper. Lights in the ceiling focus on the fireplace and allow an assortment of lighting options. Each function of the fireplace can be operated independently to achieve numerous effects. This fireplace was in an Aurora Award winning home and featured in "Home and Condo" magazine.

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